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About us - Romanrecordings

Roman Recordings came about in 1988 when Rick Jr. and Rick Roman senior decided they needed a home studio to play and record their music. They started with a 4 track Fostex Cassette Recorder and were thrilled they had some place to record their music without paying big bucks. This little 4 x 8 space in the families shed worked out just fine and the sounds of guitar could be heard well into the night. Out of this work came two bands "New Society" with Rick Jr. and "Raw Dog" with Rick senior. In the 90's they were producing cassette tapes of the two bands and sending them out to the Christian Underground Zines to be reviewed and passing some out at Cornerstone Music Fest.

The turn of the century brought many changes. Rick Roman Jr. built studio 2 notofthisworldmuzik. Roman Recordings retooled to digital. "Raw Dog" became "Christian Raw Dog". Rick Roman senior started a new project called Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine.

Our purposes is to Glorify God with our music as we journey up the road of LIFE and share it without cost. Maybe somebody could be helped by the things we have experienced in our journey. We believe music was created by God for the purpose of putting His word into it and I have noticed His Word fits into it perfectly with His inspiration......... Rick Senior

What is happening?????

 All 4 of the Raw Dog cassettes are on CD and the band is now called "Christian Raw Dog".

Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine has 2 CD's "Journey To The Son" and "Plateaus Of Praise" and “Come Just As You Are”........

Please feel free to get in touch and at your request I will send you one CD of your choice.  "Free"

 What is available?????????

Christian Raw Dog   "Let God Arise" CD   These are the early recordings I did when we first started recording.  I did this one by myself musically.

Christian Raw Dog 2  "Let God Be God" CD   The first CD I did with Bernie & Robert

Christian Raw Dog 3  "God War" CD 

Christian Raw Dog 4  "Different Faces" CD                              

Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine   "Journey To The Son" CD    Back to doing CD’s by myself musically

Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine    "Plateaus Of Praise" CD

Rick Roman unplugged” CD    Something I did on new years night 1986 – bear bones acoustic

Harvest” 1974 CD A group I was in when I was first a believer, early Jesus rock music.

Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine   "Come Just As You Are"