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The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy Part 10
Posted by Richard J Roman on October 21, 2017 at 12:53 PM

This is a recording of someone I don't know. It was given to me from a friend who thought I would enjoy the teaching......Yes I think it is good and I believe that God is bringing us back to a new testiment Book of Acts understanding........Yes I do believe our structure in the modern day church is Nicolaitan in nature and structure. In Revelations 3:2 it states that the Lord hates the work of the Nicolaitans which I believe hinders and blocks the growth of His people from becoming mature. There structure does not allow for their growth in the Spirit, which would result in each member moving and functioning properly in the Spirit. I'm talking about God having control of our meetings. We need the Lord to show up and control the meetings. The Nicolaitans in my understanding are the controllers in the body who don't allow Jesus to be the Lord in our midst. So I put this teaching up so other people may listen and understand.

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