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2 Comments The Blood Of Jesus
Posted by Richard J Roman on June 15, 2011 at 3:48 AM

Taken from the CD "Come Just As You Are"......Guitar, Bass, Percussion, keyboard and Brass. Chicago type Rock.

To My Friends,

This song took some time to finish. Was driving in my car one day when the Lord spoke to me by His Spirit the way He speaks to me and said: You can come before me at any time no matter how you feel because of the blood of Jesus. I just needed to hear that, on that day.

This is something that is good forever. Just knowing that I can come before the Lord at anytime because of the blood of Jesus and pray about anything no matter how I feel makes me thankful. My emotions get fickled, and allot of times I just trust in myself rather than the Lord. There are other times guilt and condemnation takes its toll and I feel I am good for nothing. Reality is God accepts us because of Christ..... He purchased us with His precious blood because He loves us does not depend on our own righteousness..... it depends upon the breastplate of righteousness which is Christ in us.......the price has been paid for all mankind to come to Him just as we are, right where we are. Like it says in scripture: It shall come about in the last days that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved......It is so simple just turn toward the Lord..... No matter where we are in life God hears us and accepts us because of His Sons precious blood....... We must believe and have faith in His blood to receive His newness of Life......It is Life indeed.



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