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A collection Of Songs Unto The Lord

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Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine    "Come just as you Are" Roman Recordings 2012

play hi-fi 1. Come unplugged         play hi-fi 2. Come            

play hi-fi 3. Awake My Soul          play hi-fi 4. Oh, Give Thanks      

 play hi-fi 5. Everywhere I Go        play hi-fi  6. Get Out Of My Life

play hi-fi  7. The Blood Of Jesus   play hi-fi  8. The Beggar      

play hi-fi  9. The Dreamers Dream       play hi-fi   10.  Greater Is He                 play hi-fi  11. The Shadow Of The Almighty

Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine    "Plateaus Of Praise" Roman Recordings 2008

play hi-fi1. Face The Light                play hi-fi2. Hope In The Lord
play hi-fi3. Going Forward                      play hi-fi4. Jesus
play hi-fi5. My Son                               play hi-fi6. By His Stripes
play hi-fi7. Bring Us Together                play hi-fi8. The Holy Spirit
play hi-fi9. Be Still                               play hi-fi10. In That Day
play hi-fi11. Plateaus Of Praise           play hi-fi12. Waiting On Him

Rick Roman & The Synthetic Music Machine    "Journey To The Son" Roman Recordings 2004

play hi-fi1. Changes                           play hi-fi2. Life I Love
play hi-fi3. Love Not The World              play hi-fi4. Rest My Child
play hi-fi5. Don't Look Back               play hi-fi6. Don't Be Overcome
play hi-fi7. Selah                            play hi-fi8. Is There Life
play hi-fi9. Tyler And Thomas                  play hi-fi10. Storms
play hi-fi11. I Called                         play hi-fi12. Sow To The Spirit
play hi-fi13. Purpose                   play hi-fi14. The Promised Land
play hi-fi15. Troubled Times                   play hi-fi16. The Upward Call
play hi-fi17. Voices                               play hi-fi18. Journey To The Son

Christian Raw Dog    "Different Faces"                                         Published 1996   Roman Recordings 2005  

play hi-fi1. Welcome To Dystopia                 

play hi-fi 2.  The Wake Up Call - Long Version Edited    

play hi-fi6. New Age Syndrome --- The Lord Has Rescued Me            

play hi-fi8. Loneliness
play hi-fi9. Task Master                   play hi-fi10. Isaiah 55
play hi-fi11. I Can't See You            play hi-fi12. A BrandNew Day
play hi-fi13. The Call                        play hi-fi14. The Journey
play hi-fi15. You And I                           16. The End

Christian Raw Dog    "God War"                                                          Published 1993     Roman Recordings 2005

play hi-fi1. The Roll Call --- Vengeance
play hi-fi2. Keep Your Eyes On Jesus 
play hi-fi3. Phylacteries 

play hi-fi4. He Loves Me --- Skit # 3 Vain Efforts
play hi-fi5. Skit # 4 The Kiss   

play hi-fi6. Keep Your Eyes On Jesus # 2
play hi-fi7. Who's That
play hi-fi8. This Generation --- Requiem For The Unwanted             

play hi-fi9. Our Fathers       

play hi-fi10. War Cry        

play hi-fi11. Bad Boy's

Christian Raw Dog    "Let God Be God"                                              Roman Recordings 1992

play hi-fi1. The Army of God                          play hi-fi2. The New Jerusalem  

play hi-fi3. The Two Shall Become One      play hi-fi4. The Sower
play hi-fi5. He Is Coming                                play hi-fi 6. The Manchild
play hi-fi7. Where Can I Go                            play hi-fi8. Unless The Lord Builds The House
play hi-fi9. God Of All Mankind                       play hi-fi10. A Better Kind Of Walk
play hi-fi11. Abide In Me And I in You           

play hi-fi12. The First Beast --- God Of All Man Kind (Reprised)

Christian Raw Dog    "let God Arise"                                                 Roman Recordings 1990

                     1988 to 1989 Early Recordings

play hi-fi1. Let God Arise                 play hi-fi 2.  Bag It and Tag It 
play hi-fi3.  Heaven Is With God          play hi-fi4. Cling To Him 
play hi-fi5. A Song Of Trust                play hi-fi
6. Hannah's Song
play hi-fi7, Glory To God            play hi-fi8. Go With Them
play hi-fi9. Hosea 8-1-4            play hi-fi10. Free Is The Word
play hi-fi11. Cling To Him # 2           play hi-fi12. Skit # 1 And Skit # 2
play hi-fi13. Let God Arise # 2                play hi-fi14. Movement # 1

Harvest 1974    "A Band To Remember"  1973 to 1974

play hi-fi1. Jesus Mighty Lord                  play hi-fi2. Praise God                  

play hi-fi3. Jesus Is Your Friend              play hi-fi4. Take It To The Lord In Prayer          

play hi-fi5. Oh Lord Send The Power Just Now                      

play hi-fi6. To You                                  play hi-fi 7. He Makes My Heart To Sing           

play hi-fi8. Wondrous Beautiful Day         play hi-fi 9. Behold The Lamb Of God  45RPM                                  

play hi-fi10. The New Jerusalem 45RPM      play hi-fi11. Its Too Late - Live        

play hi-fi12. His Love Has Made Me Whole - Live         play hi-fi13. The Joy Of The Lord - Live  

play hi-fi14. Way Of The Cross - Live                 play hi-fi15. Oh Happy Day - Live

play hi-fi16. Glory To God - live                           play hi-fi17. Change Me - Live

play hi-fi18. He Is All I Need  &  Isaiah 55 - Live           play hi-fi19. Jesus Really Loves You - Live

play hi-fi20. Mighty Fine with Carl Miller

NEW SOCIETY® - A Taste Of Black (Hallow1)





                Artist: New Society

   Album: A Taste Of Black (Hallow1)

                anthology 1990 updated 2019

   Format: mp3s 320 kbps 44.100 HZ

                    Size: 57.5 mb


NEW SOCIETY® - So Red A Revelation (Hallow2)



                 Artist: New Society

  Album: So Red A Revelation (Hallow2)

         anthology 1990 updated 2019

  Format: mp3s 320 kbps 44.100 HZ

                    Size: 92.0 mb



NEW SOCIETY® - True Faith (Hallow3)




                   Artist: New Society

              Album: True Faith (Hallow3)

                    anthology 1990 updated 2019

       Format: mp3s 320 kbps 44.100 HZ

                       Size: 83.4 mb


NEW SOCIETY® - Eternity (Hallow4)



                Artist: New Society

       Album: Eternity (Hallow4)

               anthology 1992 updated 2019

      Format: mp3s 320 kbps 44.100 HZ

                    Size: 89.3 mb


NEW SOCIETY® - REG NO 2615161 (Hallow12)


                           Artist: New Society

      Album: REG NO 2615161 (Hallow12)

               anthology 2004 updated 2019

        Format: mp3s 320 kbps 44.100 HZ

                       Size: 36.3 mb