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New Society Bio

Rick Roman JR. of NEW SOCIETY started experimenting with tech / industrial muzik in Chicago land ILLINOIS and was styled with Wax Trax muzik and other goth muzik, Rick named the endeavor "Society Mode", with tape versions of (A Taste of black) and (So Red A Revelation). a mix of strange muzik and words. In the year of 1990, The endeavor was named "New Society". James Wayman , a friend of Rick, quit his band "AWAYKENING" and started working with Rick's muzik. Rick found a drummer named Dennis Linn. Some new songs were put in the (So Red A Revelation) tape, and other "New Society" tapes. The "Society Mode" tapes were renamed as "New Society". Sometime after Dennis had gone from the endeavor and started college. Rick and James then used a drum machine and accomplished the "New Society"(True Faith)tape. Near the same time James started college, yet when home from School, James worked in the studio on muzik with Rick. Sometime after, Eric Reinke and other muzishans started working with the "New Society" muzik. In the year 1998 the studio was destroyed, some of the old muzik was destroyed and parts of the new muzik. Rebuilding the studio took a few years, and Rick bought his first computer in the year 1999,a big change in sound, and better then tape. The things Rick hates about computers is things named "Wizard", and Rick hates the computers of evil men that could slave mankind.